Company Name
Solomon Worldwide Holdings Limited
(852) 3795 6706
(852) 3795 6708
Board of Directors
Executive Directors
Ms. WOO Lan Ying (Chairperson)
Mr. SHANG Ruisen (Vice Chairman)

Independent Non-executive Directors
Ms. LEUNG Shuk Lan
Ms. YUEN Wai Man
Mr. AU Sui Keung Albert

Procedures for shareholders to propose a person
For election as a director of the company
Audit Committee
Ms. YUEN Wai Man (Committee Chairman)
Ms. LEUNG Shuk Lan
Mr. AU Sui Keung Albert

Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee
Ms. LEUNG Shuk Lan (Committee Chairman)
Ms. WOO Lan Ying
Ms. YUEN Wai Man

Terms of Reference
Nomination Committee
Ms. WOO Lan Ying (Committee Chairman)
Ms. YUEN Wai Man
Ms. LEUNG Shuk Lan

Terms of Reference
Company Secretary
Mr. WONG Ka Shing
Yongtuo Fuson CPA Limited
Principal Bankers
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Registered Office
8/F, Wui Tat Centre, 55 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong
Share Registrar
Tricor Investor Services Limited
17/F, Far East Finance Centre,16 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong
Stock Code
Company Website